Life on the Greens

Video posted May 2, 2014 in Sports by James Colombo


Rick Pagett has been superintendent of the Penn State golf courses for the last eight years, and he loves his job. Not many people are up before the sun, but the PSU grounds crew is already hard at work.

The smell of fresh cut grass, the birds chirping, and of course the sound of mowers, gators, and rakes are what you’ll hear and see on any given morning at the course. Rick is an easygoing guy, and brings his two golden retrievers to work with him everyday. He rides around checking on the crew while his two sidekicks run next to his gator and happily greet each worker as they pass by.

It’s like a massive green paradise. The greens are mowed first every morning, because they have to beat the morning golf rush that happens at about seven AM. The golfers roll in at about seven thirty in the morning, and they play right along side the crew. As the sun gets higher in the sky, the crew starts finishing up their days, and puts a few finishing touches to the practice facility, and just like that, they’re gone until the next day.

Work never ends on this golf course, as the crew works every single day, regardless of weather. Some say they’re crazy, and their job isn’t worth it, but it’s not the money that keeps these guys going, it’s the love and passion for a job well done, and a Big Ten worthy golf course.