Reflections by the Pool

Story posted December 13, 2012 in News by Mirella Wells



Sean Grier, 19, is a junior on the Nittany Lions varsity swim team. Originally from Hershey, PA, Grier swam for both his club team and his high school team, the butterfly stroke being his best event. "I think my high school coaches did an excellent job preparing me for the collegiate level," Grier says, "It started off being fun, but then it got kind of serious and I decided that I wanted to take it to the next level."

His family is very supportive. He doesn't get home very often, but Grier says his parents always make an effort to show up at his meets. His sister, a freshman at West Chester University, even tries to come out and show support when she can. Grier shared that his parents even made the trips when the team went down to Georgia and out west to Indiana.

He has broken several of his high school and collegiate records in his career, holding the men's record in the 100 butterfly event for Penn State. Grier went to the Olympic trials this past summer and swam alongside some of the world’s top athletes.  A broadcast journalism major, his interests go beyond the pool. He doesn't see himself coaching any swim teams in the future, but does hope to find a job at ESPN. 

~ by Mirella Wells