Bounded by my own limits

Video posted May 1, 2014 in News by Jeremy Meyer


Nicole Ambrose is an eclectic Celtic neo-pagan. Her Celtic predecessors influencing her teachings, trainings and rituals. She defines herself as a Wiccan and believes that we live in a co-creative universe where she has just as much power and will to effect change, as does deity.

Raised Catholic, Nicole found no intimate connection with Catholicism. In junior high Nicole became interested in the Pagan religion after watching movies and television shows like “Charmed.” She continued to do research on Paganism and fell in love with its ideas, beliefs and principles.

In her rituals and spells Nicole appeals to different Gods or Goddesses for specific reasons, such as asking Athena for wisdom for an upcoming test or appealing to Aphrodite for love to bring it into her life. Before performing the actions of a certain ritual Nicole sometimes does a “ritual bath” which essentially puts her into a meditative state to cleanse her mind of everything bad that has lead up to that point.

The actual performance of the ritual can be very extravagant such as tying a young couple looking to have children under a maypole and performing the Celtic maypole dance while weaving ribbons around the pole and the young couple. The ritual can be just as simple as doing a song and dance to celebrate the meaning of that time of year. In her religion Nicole has the ability to personalize any ritual or spell to meet her needs at the time, which is what she claims to love the most about being a Wiccan.