Beck - Colors Album Review

Story posted October 16, 2017 in Arts & Entertainment, CommRadio by Jack Grossman

Beck comes in fresh with his thirteenth album just in time for the end of the year. Previously working with more indie and low-fi sounds, this album sends Beck in a new direction musically and lyrically. This 10 track journey opens up insight into Beck’s thought process and evolution as a musician, providing a pop style that fits in nicely with his previous work and gives the listener a fun and groovy sound.

Colors is an album where Beck takes his listeners on a journey all over the place, with themes about our distracting world and others as deep as being alive. The songs themselves are catchy and are memorable in terms of content. When it comes to the sounds, it is made with a lot of experimentation in mind. It features tons of concise guitar riffs and electronic sounds; it fits in seamlessly as a normal pop album.

That can be an incentive for both previous Beck fans and pop listeners alike though. Beck’s traditional voice is still present throughout, sounding similar to his past works and albums that he’s created. “Square One” and “Fix Me” are an example of a callback to older pieces while simultaneously reinventing them. They have the funky pop flair while maintaining Beck’s voice and sense of indie direction. It is in a similar field to that of Ed Sheeran or Shawn Mendes, but it is able to hold its own.

For new listeners, the album is easy to follow. It is not really linear nor does it require previous listening from other Beck albums. It is a fun album for both the listener and even Beck himself, with the album seemingly being crafted for it to be that way. The album name even infers a bright, emotional image, as does the cover art. He has far from journeyed from the indie artist he was to the more mainstream artist he is today. This album celebrates that and gives it a life of its own.

Colors is an album that is welcoming to its listeners. It wants to have fun and it is a nice piece to start with if one is looking to get into Beck. It is fun, loud and poppy and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Beck has ventured into different forms of music before, but this is his most experimental. It is not a classic sound, but an interesting development into the pop genre. Colors departs from the low-fi sounds of old, but doesn’t make it a bad piece in any means. The music itself draws the listener to a nice, open, energetic environment, providing entertainment and fun to anyone who will listen. It marks a point of transformation for Beck in regards to his taste and development of music — an experiment that is welcomed. Contending against pop music in an era which turns out too much, Beck manages to throw his hat into the ring and make it stand out completely on its own.

Rating: 5/10


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