A composer of a different sort

Story posted March 1, 2012 in News by Catie Driza

The last time anyone checked, Mozart never wrote a part for a “desk slap” into any of his symphonies, nor did Beethoven ever write a solo for “dog bark” in any of his concertos. That’s where Greg Driza differs from the greatest composers of all time.

Greg Driza is a 17-year-old high school student living in West Chester, Pa. He started playing guitar at the age of 8 and enrolled in The School of Rock in Downingtown, Pa. at 11.

Over the years, Greg has become very skilled at guitar and bass, but his true passion lies in digital music and production.  What sets Greg apart from other music producers is that Greg’s music is composed of sounds he finds in his everyday life. Where one person might hear an annoying car alarm, Greg hears the beat for his next song. Greg spends much of his time collecting sound samples around the house, at school and at The School of Rock.

On the weekends, Greg can be found playing his creations in coffee shops and at parties throughout the area. He has even developed a following across West Chester and has even been asked to “remix” the work of other local bands and artists.  In 2011, Greg collaborated with classmates from The School of Rock to create a hip-hop group called Space Rhyme Continuum. 

After high school, Greg hopes to attend college to study the music industry or music production. With a big city in his near future, Greg is excited about the new sounds he can collect, the new venues he can play and the new artists he can collaborate with.

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