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Anderson Ashbaugh

Senior / Merchandising Team Lead

Hello! My name is Anderson Ashbaugh. For the first twenty-one or so years of my life I had gone by the derivative, Andie, but in my later years I have become more accepting and fond of Anderson. Either works. I am currently a senior majoring in Print Journalism in Penn State's College of Communications. I am also completing a minor in Sociology. I have always loved writing, which led to the choosing of my major, but what I really love is creating. Whether it is a writing assignment, editing a video, or outfitting a mannequin, I always need to be doing something with my hands. I'd like to call myself a visionary, with a particular interest in fashion, art, music and lifestyle. I have gained experience in social media, blogging, article writing, content creating, as well as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and InDesign.

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