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Hanade Abualburak

Senior / Broadcast Journalism and Mathematics

Most notably known for her work in the nonprofit sector, Hanade Abualburak’s voice is often one of most honest and for just cause time and time again. From assisting political refugees as they resettle in the United States, to building and managing community centers dedicated to the arts in small communities around the country, Hanade has often made these leaps through her work as a journalist. ! It can be said that the true mark of a journalist not what stories they cover, but how invested they are in said stories. Hanade has committed her self to just that. With long-term investments of time and personal capital, she often puts her self directly in the very process that began as the catalyst for her story. Becoming part of the outcome, Hanade’s involvement and dedication brings out the deepest integrities from the subjects and shares the view from the ground eyes’ view. Through this on-going journal, her hope-- and ours-- is a real-time docujournal- styled profile of Hanade Abualburak’s accomplishments, adventures, and mishaps. Beyond that, we hope you can feel involved through comments, social networking, and any financial contributions to the organizations Hanade supports and involves herself with.

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