H.E.R - I Used To Know Her Part 2 Review

Story posted November 8, 2018 in Arts & Entertainment, CommRadio by Rachel Miloscia

American singer H.E.R, with her real name being Gabriella Wilson, has given fans a part two to her
notorious EP, I Used To Know Her: The Prelude. This new EP, I Used To Know Her Part 2, is eight
tracks long, and includes no features, which gives us more of H.E.R’s beautiful, soothing voice. The
instrumentals in this album are more laid back, as we hear a either a guitar or piano introduce each song
after another. H.E.R is a very mysterious musician who prefers to represent herself through her music. As
a musician, she brings it all when it comes to allowing her fans to personally connect with her through the

H.E.R, which stands for Having Everything Revealed, recently dropped a part two from her
original E.P, I Used To Know Her. This EP combines two themes: love and faith. The themes
portrayed tell fans a story of a rocky relationship, the power of love and how it ties in with her faith. In
“Can’t Help Me,” H.E.R expresses how she knows she does not treat her companion right, but in order for
it to go anywhere, she needs to change her own ways. The title expresses the theme of the song, as it
signifies the struggles everyone overcomes by themselves, but during that time not everyone can help you
through it but yourself. We see the struggles of a relationship in “Hard Place,” which talks about an
unhealthy relationship, and how love is in the way of her choices. “And if I
have to choose/ My heart or you/ I’m gonna lose," refers to her choice to stay or to leave for her
well-being, but knows that with the power of love, it cannot separate them. In the final song of the EP,
“Lord Is Coming,” it is more of a poetic flow where H.E.R discusses the destruction and constant battles
in our world today, through drugs, gun violence and the corrupted news. Through each verse and chorus,
it always has the line, “The Lord is coming,” letting her fans know that even though we are going through
a dark time in the world, God is always watching and will come to save us.

This EP gave you relaxing vibes with instrumentals, but emotional relations through the lyrics.
H.E.R gives her fans the healing they need from this EP, letting us know it is not okay to be in an
unhealthy relationship. As long as you have faith and believe in yourself, you will be okay. The EP itself
was very different from I Used To Know Her: Prelude with musical aspect. Her first EP included
numerous beats played simultaneously in the background, but still manages to tie in the same theme of
relationships. Her latest EP was an acoustic version that gives viewers more of the laid back vibe with the
help of the guitar and piano tunes involved. This EP had no featured artists on it, letting H.E.R express
herself through each track. This EP could have been better if it featured more beautiful voices and add extra layers to this project.

Rating: 5/10



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